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5 Wacky April Fools' Day Pranks That Will Delight Your Kids


The keys to successfully pulling off these pranks are to plan ahead when the kids are not around and to keep your finished products well-hidden until it's time to use them. And don't forget to keep your camera on deck to capture their expressions once they realize that they've been tricked. Priceless!



1. "Not so Cheery-Os"

Frozen cereal, anyone? For this one, you'll need a bowl, milk, and your child's favorite cereal. Pour the milk and cereal into a bowl until it's about halfway full. Then, place the bowl in the freezer overnight. In the morning, before the kids wake up, add some cereal and a little bit of fresh milk to throw them off. Watch as they attempt to put their spoons in a bowl full of rock solid cereal. Talk about hard times!

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2. A Snack Switcheroo

This prank calls for swapping out the contents of snack bags. Cut a small hole at the bottom of a bag of your child's favorite snack and carefully empty out the contents. Then, insert a totally different kind of snack into the empty bag until it's full again. Seal the hole at the bottom of the bag with gift-wrapping tape, which disappears easily on snack bags. Make it more fun by swapping out the contents with a snack food that your child really hates!




3. "Hello, JELL-O!"

It looks like juice, but it's really Jell-O! You'll need a packet of Jell-O in a flavor that resembles a juice that your child would normally drink and one your child's favorite cups. Prepare the Jell-O, and then pour it in the cup until it's about three-quarters full. Next, refrigerate the cup until the Jell-O is set, but not too firm. Once it's set, stick a straw in it to add to the effect. Refrigerate until ready to use (or trick).




4. Tip of the "Icebug"

Get ready to hear piercing shrieks of, "Mom, there's a bug in my water!" To do this prank, you'll need a small plastic bug (available at craft stores, an ice cube tray and water. Boil the water first to make the ice clearer once it freezes. Then, place the bug in one of the ice tray compartments and fill until it's about three-fourths full. Once the ice freezes, you can use it immediately or put it in a plastic bag to save for later. (Tip: You can make the prank a little more dramatic if you serve the water immediately after sports practice or active playtime when you know that they're really thirsty!).


5. Remote (out of) Control

 Want to cut down on TV time? All you need for this one are a remote control and a small piece of transparent tape. Place the tape over the sensor on the top of the remote control, then chuckle as your child tries to change the channel to no avail. Add a few more laughs by leaving the channel one of your favorites, so that they'll have no choice but to watch your favorite (boring!) shows with you until the jig is up!

Got any more kid-friendly posts to add to this list? Let me know in the comments section below!

This article was first published on the Martha Stewart Living Network on March 28, 2017.



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