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Meet Riche + Riley

"I never fully understood what people meant when they said that their children made them better people until I had my daughter.  I'm a better person because of who she is and who she inspires me to be. Every morning, she pushes me to make each day better than the last."  Riche Holmes Grant | Founder + Designer

Riche Holmes Grant

Below is a glimpse of what a typical day looks like inside our world!  To see more behind-the-seams adventures, follow us on Instagram via @BambiniWare.

5:30 am: Wake Up 

The fact that I'm up and (mostly) coherent this early is definitely not by choice.  It's a total necessity though if I ever want any uninterrupted time for myself as a mom, wife and entrepreneur.  I start my day with a peaceful 20-minute meditation before I look at my e-mails, news, etc.  It makes such a difference in how I approach the rest of my day.

After I finish, I drink a cup of tea, make breakfast and indulge in a little more "me" time. To get the recipe for my perfect-every-time oatmeal, click here.

Perfect Oatmeal Recipe

7:30 am: Get Toddler Boss Up, Dressed & Off to School

She's not a morning person either, so this part of the day is always a power struggle.  Apparently, I'm getting my just due according to my dad (also an entrepreneur), who experienced the same thing when I was younger. #karma

9:30 am: The Workday Begins

After I drop toddler boss off at school, one of my favorite things to do is find a cool work space for the morning before heading back to my home office.  Sidenote: I read "The Martha Rules" just months before BambiniWare landed a partnership with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  I never dreamed that it would happen until I started dreaming that it would happen. Think it. Speak it. Own it.  #notesfromthegrind

12:30 pm:  Test Kitchen Tryouts

During my lunch break, I love experimenting with baby and toddler-friendly recipes.  Once a month, I select one of these recipes to make with toddler boss and the rest of the tiny chefs in her class.  Click here to learn how to make this easy Mango Guacamole with the baby foodie(s) in your life.  Click here to download my FREE baby food eBook!

4:30 pm: Toddler Boss Takeover

After I pick toddler boss up from school and run any outstanding errands, the next few hours are totally dedicated to her, with lots of fun play and learning time in the mix.  When it's nice outside, we tend to our little garden and we walk everywhere.  

BambiniWare Burpa Bib

6:00 pm: Never Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

I've been making toddler boss's food in my own kitchen since she was six months old, which has resulted in her becoming quite the adventurous little foodie.  She's a great little sous chef too! Her favorite dish is a naan flatbread pizza that we make with our homemade "bambini" sauce. Click here to get the recipe.

8:00 pm: Batha Time 

Since toddler boss was a baby, I've had a habit of adding "a" to certain words to jazz them up a bit (see our entire Burpa collection!) and "batha" is no different. After batha, we read her favorite books in a walk-in closet in her room that I converted to a reading nook.  Once we finish, my husband and I put her to sleep in our family bed.

BambiniWare Bambini Cleani organic wash cloth

9:30 pm: Sleep or Second Wind? It depends...

In a perfect world, I would be sound asleep with toddler boss and my husband after a glass of wine and an episode of my fave show or a chapter of a good book.  But, as a mompreneur, I'm often just getting started for the night when most people are sleeping.  

Call me crazy, but I love this perfectly imperfect thing that we've got going and I love that I've been able to design (literally) a career that revolves around life with my daughter.  It's not easy, but it sure is worth it.

*All photos were taken by Inbal More Photography, with the exception of numbers 2, 3 & 4.