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Smart + Stylish Mom Spotlight: Expert Workout Tips for Busy Moms

Meet 42-year-old Jeanette Chandler, registered dietitian, former Redskins cheerleader, and founder of Fit with Jeanette Chandler, a health and fitness company geared toward the overall health of women and men who want to lead more fulfilling lives. Jeanette lives in Washington, DC with her husband, Andre, and their 4-year-old son, Justin.


I met Jeanette in 2014, when our children were in the same pre-school class. It was toddler boss’s first experience away from home, and I was barely making it between getting used to our new schedule and leaving her there crying hysterically for me. One day, while I was crouched by her cubby, this impeccably dressed woman in heels with flawless make-up walks over to me. There I was, in my sweats, flip-flops, sans makeup and very visibly embarrassed that everyone in the school could hear my child crying, and now this woman was coming over to me. Right now, really?

But what came next was exactly what I needed. That woman was Jeanette, and she told me that it really would be okay, and that her son, Justin, had gone through the same bout with separation anxiety the year before. Sidenote: Justin ended up becoming one of toddler boss’s BFFs and their friendship is one of the most adorable things that I’ve ever seen.


Countless morning chats, birthday parties and playdates later, I’ve learned so much more about that woman who always managed to look so great so early in the morning
with a child in tow, no less. She’s no longer a mystery, but a fellow mompreneur whose drive, passion and commitment to perfecting her craft I truly admire. Oh, and those abs? Whenever I feel like skipping the gym, Jeanette’s workout videos miraculously appear in my Facebook feed to remind me why I needed to go in the first place:-)

In our interview, Jeanette shares with me how she stays in shape physically, emotionally and spiritually, and helps other women live their best lives too:


What’s your favorite part about being a mom?

Jeanette: The opportunity to nourish and love another human being. Giving birth to Justin was one of the greatest gifts that I have been blessed with. It has truly been an honor and a joy to have him in my life.

Riche: What’s the smartest decision you’ve made since becoming a mom?

Jeanette: Letting go of perfection and focusing more on doing one thing really well. Being an entrepreneur requires discipline and planning. But being a mom requires time and attention. Your children don't care if you’re perfect. Your children care about your presence and love.


Riche: What’s your favorite thing to do with your child?

Jeanette: Going to the National Air and Space Museum together on Sunday mornings. There is a Sesame Street show at the planetarium that he absolutely loves. I get such joy and happiness from seeing the pure excitement on his face. It's priceless.


Riche: What’s your favorite thing to do when you have some much-needed downtime?

Jeanette: Read and spend time with my husband. Reading personal development books invigorates me and allows me to tap into my spiritual being. Spending time with my husband allows us to continue to grow together and strengthen our relationship. Family foundation is an extremely important part of our lives that sometimes, as busy moms, we neglect.


Riche: What’s your mommy style?

Jeanette: I would consider my mommy style as classic chic. I love dresses, heels and designer bags. A classic looks makes me feel confident and always makes me feel empowered.

Riche: What’s your secret to being a great mom and looking great too?

Jeanette: Exercising, drinking plenty of water, praying and having fun! I exercise daily for at least 30 minutes and drink one gallon of water.  Prayer has been the foundation for me to stay centered and grounded. I have a gratitude book that I write three things I am grateful for everyday. Hanging out with my girlfriends and traveling soothes the soul. It makes me happy and gives me a break from mommy duties. 


Riche: What’s your best advice for moms who want to get into better shape but don’t have the time.

Jeanette: Start by making YOU a priority. I believe that a happy, healthy mom makes a healthy, happy family. Your workout time is non-negotiable and should be scheduled on your calendar every day as an appointment. You should have a standing appointment with yourself every day.

Someone once said to me, “You have 24 hours in a day. Surely you can find 30 minutes to love and nourish yourself. Right?” That made a huge impact on me and something that I remind my clients of often. Part of my job as a Beachbody Coach is to meet the needs of moms and help them find solutions on a daily basis. Believe that you can, and you will.

Riche: What's your favorite BambiniWare product?

Jeanette: The Apronini in Margot. It's stylish, the pockets make it easy for cooking, and it's machine-washable. Perfect for kitchen duty!

Want to learn more about Jeanette? Connect with her here:


Facebook: Fit With Jeanette Chandler

Instagram: Fit_With_Jeanette


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