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Our Top 10 Mommy + Me Moments of 2016


We're saying goodbye to 2016 with a recap of our top 10 Mommy + Me moments of the past year. It was truly an incredible time in our lives, and we're so thankful that so many of you came along on the journey with us too! 


1. Mommy + Me Summer Internship.
 Initially, I wondered if at 3 years old toddler boss would be missing anything by being with me all summer, but then I saw that she was gaining more than I ever imagined and it all made perfect sense. This is our life. "We are ontra-pra-new-ers," she loves to say. Yes, we are.

PS: This is what she insisted on wearing for her first day. We were already running super late, so I just went with it. #mommylife


2. Mid-Summer Vacay in NYC
. We took a little break to hang out in NYC with hubs while he worked. Toddler boss's favorite part of this (and every) trip? Room service!


3. Farewell to summer on Martha's Vineyard
. What did we do for fun? Oh that's easy, we just followed this simple routine: Wake Up. Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.


Oh, and we added jam making to our list of favorite new hobbies, thanks to our trip to Morning Glory Farm!



4. Mommy + Me Home Studio. When we got back home from Martha's Vineyard, we got right to work on our new mommy + me home studio, which quickly became our new happy place!


5. Grand Opening of the National Museum of African-American History and Culture. 
My mom insisted that everyone in our family get their own charter memberships (including toddler boss), and I'm so glad that she did. This is toddler boss learning, witnessing and making history at the grand opening. Such a proud moment for me! And the accidental photo bomb by world-renowned Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates (whose pic we saw later in the museum?) Oh yeah, I'm pretty proud that I snapped that shot too:-)


6. Pumpkin Patch 4th Birthday Party. 
I've been dying to do another pumpkin-themed celebration since we had toddler boss's 1st birthday party at our house three years ago. My wish finally came through this year at Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville, MD. It was a huge hit, thanks to beautiful weather (I had to send a few prayers up), an awesome venue and the best face painting EVER thanks to Paint Me Silly by Queen.



7. American Ballet Theater at The Met. 
We took a quick weekend trip to NYC to see toddler boss's fave, Misty Copeland perform live for the first time. Amazing!


Will toddler boss ever perform here too? Only God knows. Right now, my main job as her mom and official dreamkeeper is just to make sure that she knows it's possible.



8. Misty Copeland/"Firebird" Halloween Costume. Speaking of Misty Copeland, I had no idea that when I tagged her in our Halloween post that she would repost it to her 1+ million followers!  As of today, almost 90k people have liked this pic, thanks to Misty, Barbie, Because of Them We Can and Brown Girls Do Ballet. Talk about a total mom win! #nailedit


And then THIS! Italy-based artist, Ksenia Antonenko, created this gorgeous illustration of toddler boss after seeing Misty's repost. She sent me the file and I had it printed on a large canvas and gave it to toddler boss for Christmas this year. #naileditgain



9. Mommy + Me Pop-Up Shop at west elm DC. Toddler boss and I had the awesome opportunity to design the first-ever Mommy + Me Pop-Up Shop at west elm DC. We brought the entire BambiniWare experience to life for our guests (from products, to food, to DIY projects), and toddler boss was the PERFECT co-host! Click here to see more photos from our day.






10. Mommy + Me Kwanzaa Style. Our family celebrated Kwanzaa for the first time this year, thanks to toddler boss. In the photo below, I'm rockin' the outfit that she picked out for me to wear to her big night on stage. It was such a huge hit that the looked inspired a new hashtag: #styledbytoddlerboss.


Can't wait to see what 2017 (my 40th year!) has in store for us! Follow us on Instagram via @bambiniware to keep up with our mommy + me adventures!


Riche Holmes GrantHey Haute Mamas! I'm Riche Holmes Grant, a modern mom + mompreneur who designs smart + stylish products that make your mommy gig easier. 

When I'm not busy taking orders from my #miniboss, I'm contributing to or in the kitchen whipping up delicious family-friendly creations in my BambiniWare Apronini.

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