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Family Fun: Our DIY Pumpkin Patch 1st Birthday Party


Last week was a HUGE week for BambiniWare--we officially made our "Grant" entrance into the world (sidenote:  I've been overusing "Grant" puns since I got married, but they are so hard to resist!) AND we celebrated Riley's very first birthday!  The launch went off without a hitch (yay!), but as the week progressed, my plans for Riley's outdoor pumpkin patch party slowly washed away with daily rain showers.

If being an entrepreneur over the past 10 years has taught me nothing else, I've learned that in order to maintain my sanity, I have to create plans A-G and sometimes K-Z if things are really complex.  I would say that this was definitely a Plan "C" effort. Fortunately, I was able to find plastic "grass" tablecloths to make the floor and indoor/outdoor hay to build a contained area.  Thank you, Amazon Prime!  We were able to use everything else in the exact same way we planned to use outside, which worked out really well.  Thank you, crafty friends!  And luckily, I'd already ordered Riley's amazing outfit well in advance from a great company called Stitcheroos.

My sister did a really cute puppet show and a few songs/games with a parachute that everyone loved.  We also had a see-through crawling tunnel and balls in an open space to keep the bambini entertained outside of the pumpkin patch.   Unfortunately, I was too busy hosting to get any good photos of the food, but I did plan out a great "Holmemade" bambini menu with Riley's faves, including cinnamon apple sauce; oatmeal apple crisp; mango guacamole; three grilled cheese options on whole grain bread (traditional, sweet potato/cheese and sweet potato/chick pea/cheese); and a sauteed chopped mushroom and zucchini blend. Click here to check out my tips for super busy moms who want to make their own homemade baby food.

My best advice to anyone planning a first birthday is not to go over the top.  Keep the focus on the birthday girl/boy and the other bambini rather than trying to please the adults. It's soooo much easier, less stressful and more fun that way!





























































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  • Riche Holmes Grant
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  • Riche

    Hi Kelly, I used plastic green “grass” tablecloths that I ordered from Amazon. I went back through my account and found it for you, here’s the link:

  • Kelly

    What did you use for the green turf to protect the rug?

  • Chere

    I absolutely love the face of BambibiWare. Beautiful baby for beautiful products that can benefit mothers and care takers of babies! I wish your company blessings and prosperity. Love the Balma a Family.

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