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You Know You're a Mompreneur When...


This has been a pretty crazy week, well crazier than normal, I should say.  I had the best intentions of getting a ton of work done after spending all of last weekend getting my office super organized and doing some overdue de-cluttering.  I didn't get past Tuesday though before a wrench was was thrown into my seemingly perfect plan to rock the week.  Toddler boss developed a fever in the middle of the night (one of the benefits of co-sleeping is that I find these things out exactly as they happen:-) and by the morning, her eyes were crusted shut.  By the time 9 am hit, I was saying goodbye to my productivity and hello to our pediatrician's receptionist. 

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Today is Friday and somehow I've managed to get most of the important things done that I had to do this week, including one Skype call that I couldn't miss.  I did, however, have to cancel two other calls after toddler boss had a major meltdown during the Skyping.  In another life, I would have been embarrassed, but this is my new normal.  This is my life as a mompreneur (mom + entrepreneur). Just so you know, neither job is for the faint of heart.  I always have too much to do, not enough time to do it in and a very demanding boss.

You've seen all of the "You know you're a (fill in the blank) when..." lists, right? Well, here's mine...this is the list that defines my life as a "mompreneur":

1. You refer to your child as your "boss"...because she is.  Every meeting, every call, every e-mail, etc. revolves around toddler boss's schedule. I start working a few hours before she wakes up and I try do the bulk of my work while she's at school and after she goes to sleep for the night.  And in the cases where I have to work while she's with me (like get this blog post out), she's a great little intern.  She'll sit on my lap as I type (like now) or help me in the studio (below).  Yes, of course I'm not nearly as productive as I could be, but it comes with the territory. I'm a mom first...always.

2. If you do manage to have a successful conference call, here's what it looks like... 

3. The phrases "I'm sorry" and #mommybrain are constants in your vocab.
  "I'm sorry for the delayed response...I'm sorry that I'm running a little late...I'm sorry that my daughter is screaming in the background..."  Actually, "I'm sorry" is just a pleasantry; it's really code for "This is HARD...really hard...but I'm trying."  And in the course of trying to remember the thousands of details involved with running a household and two businesses, some things inevitably slip through the cracks. That's where #mommybrain rears its ugly, over-stimulated head.  I've found that it's just one of those things in life that I've come to accept, get over and share funny memes about.

4. Sometimes sleep is not an option.
 This is far from ideal, and definitely not healthy, but the truth is that sometimes (at least once a week) I have to pull an all-nighter to get (almost) everything done. Fun in college (maybe?), but as a mom, not so much.  Even with the best time management techniques, it's rough.  By the time I make dinner, give toddler boss a bath, read her a few books, get her in bed and then clean up a bit, I feel like the clock has played a cruel joke on me.  In a perfect world, I would be headed to bed with my husband and toddler boss after a glass of wine and maybe an episode of my fave show or a chapter of a good book.  But, as a mompreneur, I'm just getting started for the night when most people are sleeping.   Again, one of those things in life that I've come to accept, get over and share funny memes about.

5. Your to-do list should really be called "The NeverEnding Story."  
There's always something left to do, always something that I meant to finish but never got back to.  Speaking from experience as entrepreneur for almost 10 years before toddler boss was born, I know that this is common.  But, like I said, that was before toddler boss.  Now, I've got five concurrent to-do lists: one for BambiniWare, one for my other company, one for the household, one for Riley and one for me. One thing that I find helpful is having realistic expectations about what I can get done, what I can't and what I can and should delegate.

6. You wouldn't have it any other way.  
I'm so fortunate that I've been able to design (literally) a new career that revolves around life with my daughter.  I love this perfectly imperfect thing that we've got going and I love that I can share my story and inspire other moms through my experience.  Like I always say, it hasn't been easy, but it's all been worth it.



Riche Holmes GrantHey Haute Mamas! I'm Riche Holmes Grant, a modern mom + mompreneur who designs smart + stylish products that make your mommy gig easier. 

When I'm not busy taking orders from my #miniboss, I'm contributing to or in the kitchen whipping up delicious family-friendly creations in my BambiniWare Apronini.

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I live in the Washington, DC area with my husband and daughter. Follow our adventures on Instagram via @BambiniWareLife!



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  • Jane

    Ha! I’d add one thing for #2. The Mom would probably be handing the child some type of device to keep her quiet, then feel guilty about plugging her in. Not that I’ve ever done that…

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