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7 Ways Moms Can De-Stress the Holidays


This year, Christmas break has the potential of going really well or being a complete disaster for me. I'd planned to keep things low key (as in no real work for two weeks), but an amazing opportunity landed in my inbox last week and now I'm definitely working every day.  This is literally a dream come true for me (don't worry, I'll share soon:-), but I still want to enjoy some semblance of holiday festivities and also stay sane in the process.

Oh, and there's this little matter of toddler boss, who is definitely expecting my full attention.  Definitely.

So here are the 7 (my fave number) rules that I've created for myself to de-stress the holidays and reach all of my goals in the process. Can I do it?  We'll see...

1.  DO build flexibility into your schedule.

Yes, I need to have a schedule if I'm really going to get everything done.  But realistically, it's the holidays and I'm in love with this time of year.  I want to enjoy moments with my family and friends without feeling stressed about my schedule, so I'm building in a lot of flexibility and keeping a very manageable daily to-do list.  

2.  DO NOT be afraid to say "no" when you need to.

Each year for the past 15+ years, my sister and I have made hundreds of Christmas cookies for our entire extended family. We are famous for these cookies.  Really.  But, this year, due to our insanely busy schedules, we just didn't have time to get everything together in time for our big Christmas Eve party.  When it came down to making a decision about whether we would still try to bake them anyway and stress the hell out of ourselves in the process, I ultimately said no.  As much as I love making the cookies, I knew that I made the right decision for my sanity.  For the record, saying "no" is never a bad thing when it involves your sanity.

3. DO NOT feel pressured to constantly entertain your guests.

I love having company, but some guests are more work than others, especially when they're staying overnight and that's when the stress comes rearing its ugly head.  So this year, I'm not going to feel guilty when I need to excuse myself to get to work.  And sometimes, maybe I'll just need to take a nap...and that's cool too.  I look at it more as self-preservation versus guest mistreatment.

4.  DO take advantage of the extra help.

Tis the season of free childcare!  With so many family members and friends taking off work during the holidays, I'm finally taking people up on their offers to hang out with toddler boss without me there.  Just a few hours here and there are all I need to help me stay productive and at the same time still spend quality time with toddler boss afterwards.  And even when I'm not working, it'll still be cool to just have a few hours of uninterrupted mommy time. 

5.  DO take a bubble bath...or two...or three...or five.

Even though I love baths, I don't take nearly enough of them to fill my relaxation quota. I may not be able to make it to the spa this time around, but I can definitely squeeze in a few baths over the next couple of weeks at home.  And I'm sure that I'll get a few new body products as gifts, so the timing couldn't be better.

6. DO pick up a few mommy gifts and treats just for you.

Does this one really need an explanation?

7. DO turn your gadgets off for a few hours.

Each day, I'll be taking a much-needed break from e-mails, social media feeds, Googling, etc. As much as I love being connected to the rest of the world, I'm using this time to unplug and return to the Dark Ages of the 90s.  I'm certain that both toddler boss and my big project will appreciate the attention:-)

YOUR TURN: How are you de-stressing the holidays in your world? Share your thoughts in the comments section!




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