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I owe everything I am to my mom and here's why...


My mother never accepted mediocrity in our household and I can't tell you how grateful I am that she never budged...ever.  I'm only the mom I am today to Riley because my mom was who she was to my sister and me.

                                          [Mom and me circa 1977 & Riley and me in 2013]

At one point in high school, I was obsessed with the soap opera, "All My Children."  When mom discovered this, she made a statement that I will never forget as long as I live:  "You're so busy watching people who've already made their money; you need to start spending your time figuring out how you'll make yours."  And you know what?  She never had to say anything more to me again.  Later, in college, I spent a year in London without a TV and I never missed a beat.

                                             [image via]

My mom always encouraged my younger sister and me to find our own paths in life. "If you end up being a street sweeper, you need to be the best so-and-so street sweeper there is," she'd say.  So long as the path made sense and we did our best getting there, mom was happy.  Along our paths were piano, flute, ballet, honor roll, gifted classes, academic summers and award-winning science fair projects (that she took as much pride in as we did).  Not present were cable TV, video games, excuses, Kool-Aid and the phrases, "I'm bored" and "I'm tired."

                 [Me, mom & sis Jade at the premiere of Jade's award-winning film, "Three Blind Mice]

Yes, in our house, saying "I'm bored" was like saying a four-letter word (just like "can't")--we were just too scared to ever say it out loud.  Mom's perspectives helped nurture a sense of creativity inside us that laid a foundation for some of our greatest accomplishments.  As the child of a real estate agent, I learned to draw floor plans while I sat with mom in open houses all day and that became my favorite hobby.  I later went on to attend one of the most prestigious high schools in the state with a concentration in engineering and a year-long internship at NASA.  All of this followed by two full scholarships to study engineering in college.  I opted to study public policy instead, but that's another post:-)

When my sister ran out of clothes for her extensive Barbie collection, she started "borrowing" our socks to make clothes in her spare time.  She later used our pillowcases as costumes for our extended family's annual Christmas play that she wrote each year. Now, she's an independent filmmaker with an MFA in Directing from Boston University.

The phrase, "I'm tired" was even worse."  Mom's clever comeback?  "Don't you think the slaves were tired when they ran to freedom?!"  Needless to say, I was never tired in mom's house. Thankful that I had a mom who cared enough to be hard on us? Yes.  But tired?  No way. 

Mom retired a few years ago from a Fortune 50 company and now works for me at Innovative Study Techniques (another post:-).  You get one guess to figure out what I said to her the first time she complained about pulling an all-nighter at the office...

Love you, Mom.  Happy Mother's Day!






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  • Riche Holmes Grant
Comments 2
  • Cornell Stephenson
    Cornell Stephenson

    Love the story, Riche! Your mother was also very inspirational in my life as well (Hampton University; moving away from home right after college and believing there was nothing that I could not achieve. Love you, Uncle Cornell

  • Chere

    Riche that was a very heartfelt comment about your mom, my aunt and my godmother! You hit the nail on the head for how awesome and blessing of a mother you and Jade have!

    As I read your comments about your mom it warmed my heart and jerked on my eyes for tears! Riley has no idea what kind of family she was birthed into. Your mom has done a beautiful job with you and your sister and you will be just as great as she was so be ready to read what Rikey says about you in upcoming years!

    Happy Mothers Day to you! You’re an awesome mom too!

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