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The Burpa Bib™ in Summer Day

Why you'll love it...

You can finally stop stressing the mess, lighten your diaper bag load and cut baby's laundry in half with the ultimate bib + burp cloth all-in-one!

As a bib, the Burpa Bib's thick, absorbent layers soak up stains with full torso + thigh coverage and its snug wraparound collar prevents food and liquids from creeping into your baby's sensitive neck folds.

As a burp cloth, you’ll never have to worry about the Burpa Bib falling off! All you have to do is flip it over your shoulder and it stays on the whole time you're burping your baby.

Its extra long length means that even after your baby grows out of the burping stage, you can continue using the Burpa Bib as a toddler bib that continues to cover your little one in all the right places.

One size fits up to 3T.  †Patented Design  

Features + Details:

  • Three super-absorbent layers of 100% cotton
  • Snug wraparound collar for extra neck protection
  • No-hassle side Velcro fastener 
  • Reversible
  • Perfect for personalization
  • Manufactured in the USA

Machine wash cold on gentle cycle.  Tumble dry low.  Warm iron, if needed.

Design Story:

"My daughter had a bad case of acid reflux during the first few months of her life, which involved a lot of spitting up. After using and washing way too many flimsy bibs and soaked-through clothes each day, I thought to myself, 'There’s got to be a better way to do this!' When I began thinking about what features to include in the perfect bib, I also thought that it would be really cool if the bib could be used as a burp cloth too since I always seemed to go through so many of both. The name comes from a little song I used to sing while waiting for her to give me a few good 'burpas.'"

Riche Holmes Grant | BambiniWare Founder + Designer



"Apart from the functionality, the quality of the Burpa Bib far exceeds the quality of other bibs and burp cloths that I have had for the children throughout the years. It is reversible, thicker and extra absorbent, and is machine washable. I highly recommend the Burpa Bib.  As a bib it is awesome, but as a Burp Cloth AND Bib you really can’t go wrong."

Jennifer Crewell |

"The Burpa Bib is awesome because it saves you the hassle of having to replace multiple bibs within a short stretch! A great and must have accessory for crazed parents stretched on time."

Derek + Cheoma S. | Modern Parents | Los Angeles, CA

"The Burpa Bib is my favorite thing to put on my 2-year-old daughter—especially once I have her dressed for school and eating her oatmeal. As we all know there is no neat way to feed a baby, so this product really helps us get out of the house in the early morning."

Dana Evans | Owner | Daisy Baby & Kids Boutique, Bethesda, MD